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FLORA Painter
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Press publications
2008 - ARTisSpectrum 1995 - La Tribune 1999 - La Depeche 1999 - La Depeche 1998 - La Depeche
1999 - Itinraire des arts page 1 1994 - L'echo
2002 - La Depeche
In the field of modern art, FLORAs work takes an innovative position.
FLORA, a career… an approach to which specialist journalists have devoted radio and television programmes…

« You will immediately recognize a FLORA as you can recognize a Matisse or a Renoir, and because it is inimitable in its matter structure: all in relief, boiling, like those volcanic magmas. In these subtle and meticulous blisters, you discover a multiple and changing world of birds, vegetation, sea animals, human-being constellations that are always bound, evolving according to a spiral of dreams, in a celestial space allotted to aesthetism and to dreamlike poetry. The more you come closer, the more the eye is caught by details, the more the spirit discover the stippling finesse of the multiple colours that assert themselves in vibrant harmonies changing with the light or the time, combining themselves with the infinite number of particles to drive the art and bring it to life… as eternally. »

La Dépêche du Midi, May 1999

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